About Us

OUR STORY REDSUN COFFEE Was Founded in the year 2013 by MR. R.PARTHIBAN & R.SHASHIKALA, India ranks sixth in the Worlds Coffee production and 70% of Our Production is only from Coorg (Kodagu District) of Karnataka State. The most commonly used coffee beans are ARABICA & ROBUSTA grown in the hills of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In our country Robusta bean will get used for daily purpose & Arabica bean will only get exported to other countries. REDSUN has created a marketing strategy to make use of Arabica bean for our daily purpose. In the beginning we started to supply 30kg only inside Tamil Nadu & due to our authenticity now we are supplying 90000+ Kgs all over India. We have planned to market PAN India via Digital platforms., KNOW ABOUT US www.redsuncoffee.in CUSTOMER CARE.,09626054330.